About Us

The institute of molecular medicine and bioengineering (IMB), established in 2009, is rooted in the understanding of molecular and cellular biology and the achievement of biological nanotechnology. The researches are based on two areas: pathogenesis and nano-material. The researches include microbiology and cellular biology, molecular pathogenesis, bio-sensing and biomarker, and application of bio-nano material.  The goal of IMB is to educate students in an interdisciplinary environment, training them to conduct researches across the fields of molecular biology, biochemistry, and engineering. 

Gene expression and the activities of products thereof-such as RNAs and proteins, control and maintain the delicate balance of cellular functions of organisms. When the balance is disrupted by either outside factors, such as microbial infection, or internal factors, such as carcinogenesis, the cells become dysfunctional. Therefore, detecting and understanding the structural information and molecular responses of DNA, RNA, and proteins and then developing measurements to render the activities back to normal has become a focus in the molecular medicine in this post-genomics era. Equally important is the utilization of gene and protein engineering to modify biological molecules for medical or industrial benefits, such as biological nano-material, devices, and diagnosis units.  Hence, in addition to satisfy our pursuit of knowledge through basic researches, we are particularly interested in the applications of bio-sensing technology and nano-material onto biological systems.  Since our education and research directions combine various research backgrounds including biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, materials science, and engineering, we believe students graduated from the institute will be excellent candidates for biotechnology-related fields.


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